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Don't bin your scraps, use them!

Don't bin your scraps, use them!

Don't bin it, use it! Weekend Diy

 A nice and easy idea for fabric scraps! What You Will Need: 1. Scissors 2. Gluegun or UHU Glue 3. Fabric Scraps 4. Hanger or Bracelets How To: 1. Cut your fabric into thin strips 2. Place a dot of glue on your hanger or bracelet and affix the end of a fabric strip to it. 3. Wrap the fabric tightly around the object at an angle, affixing it to the hanger or bracelet with dots of glue about every third wrap We’d love to see pictures of this project or any other fabric projects you do! email us at [email protected], post on fb here or tweet us @offsetwarehouse! Happy Friday! u003C3

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