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You've Got The Style – We've Got The Fabrics!

You've Got The Style – We've Got The Fabrics!


(From top to bottom)

1. Mallory Sophronia’s Reversible, Ecofriendly Handmade Bag. She used reclaimed cotton and thread for it’s confection. More of Mallory’s work here:

2. Athena Bentila’s Label Dress, made of recycled woven labels from various brands. Check Athena’s work here!

3. Susie Wareham’s Reclaimed Jersey Dress, made with some of our #OffsetWarehouse fabrics! Image credits: Rosa Joy Photography.

4. Jenny Spouge’s  wonderful Duvet Dress, made from a hand-printed fair trade duvet cover.

5. Charlotte Day’s digitally printed Chemise Dress made from vintage linen bed sheets. More of Charlotte’s work here:

You guys definitely have bucket loads of style…We can’t see what else you come up with!

Make sure that you go have a browse through our latest fabrics over at get some inspiration for your next stylish project!

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