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Easy (& Cheap) Hessian Curtains A La Kirstie Allsop

Easy (& Cheap) Hessian Curtains A La Kirstie Allsop

As seen on Kirstie Allsop’s “Fill Your House For Free“, we thought we’d share the rather inspired hessian curtains she showcased – and the best part?  Hemming optional!

Take simple hessian fabrics, and leave the top seam (and bottom if you’d like) unhemmed so all of the strands of jute start to unravel. A beautifully simple technique, with a fantastically sturdy fabric that will stand the wear and tear of window life!

You’ll have to add a lining, not only to prevent light glaring through the loose weave, but to also attach your loops or curtain rails to.  You could double the hessian, but it’s a pretty unforgiving fabric to work with – and frankly, quite itchy on ones fingers!

Hessian Curtains


While you’re at it, we’d recommend reupholstering an old or rescued wooden-framed chair (the more battered the better!) – a great way to use up any leftover pieces.  Hessian is an ideal fabric to use for upholstery, as it’s amazingly durable.   It’s also incredibly simple to do, and will really pull the room together.

In any case, we think this is rather a fabulously rustic-chic way to decorate a room in a cheap and quick way!  Bravo Kirstie!

For an amazing variety of great fabrics that fit the bill, check out this range of hessians in lots of colours and light filtering fabrics from rescomdesigns.  Email for the colours in Fire Retardant finishings (a little more expensive, but well worth it in bedrooms and rooms with open flames and fire places).

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