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Offset Warehouse And Fabrications Launch Party Report!

Offset Warehouse And Fabrications Launch Party Report!

We just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who made it to our Offset Warehouse and Fabrications launch party. It was a fantastic night of crafting, nattering, drinking tea and bubbly, nibbling biscuits and of course… fabric shopping! Here’s our party report from the evening. See if you can spot yourself or some of the other eco sewing superstars in attendance.

Setting the Scene

We knew that with Barley’s dedication to ethical fashion, sewing and sustainability, Fabrications would be the perfect place for our fabrics to call home.

Offset Warehouse and Fabrications Launch Party

The bubbly was poured, super tasty Kakawa Tea brewed and biscuits lovingly handmade by Offset Warehouse’s, James. The basement was transformed into an Offset Warehouse showroom – with a crafting table to make beautiful rosettes from fabric scraps.

Offset Warehouse and Fabrications Launch Party

Most importantly, the fabrics were ready to be shown off! Including our brand new range of Ikat woven fabrics from Thailand.

Offset Warehouse and Fabrications Launch Party


One of the most exciting things for us at Offset Warehouse when throwing a party like this is getting to meet our customers, blog contributors and collaborators face to face! We do so much online that you sometimes forget there is a real person behind all the emails. We were so glad everyone got stuck in to making the rosettes and chatting about sewing and craft.

Natmadeinhome Sewing party offset warehouse

As sewing bloggers and crafters we often find ourselves working alone at home. It was great to have company for stitching and sharing sewing tales.


It was great to witness everyone getting to peruse and feel the fabrics for the first time, and to be on hand to answer any questions about where the fabrics are from, how they are made. These are some of the most important points to us, so it was great to see a room full of people who were so interested too!

Looking at Samples Offset Warehouse

And Finally…

Did you get papped by our photographer? You’re one of our eco fashion sewing #CraftStars! Check out all the photos on our Facebook page.

Craftstars Offset Warehouse

Craft Superstars Offset Warehouse

A massive thank you to Peter O’Shea for the amazing photographs!

We are super excited about the new home for our fabrics at Fabrications, if you haven’t been into check them out yet the address is 7 Broadway Market, London E8 4PH, United Kingdom. Or if you’re too far away our fabrics are of course still all available to order online!
Check out our little video of the evening – and please follow our YouTube channel to see all of our gorgeous fabric videos!

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