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Beautiful Eco Friendly Fabrics & Swatches Back In

Beautiful Eco Friendly Fabrics & Swatches Back In

A super quick update to let you know…

1. Our sample packs are back in!

As you may have already noticed, we are trying a new way of selling samples for our new eco friendly fabrics. We have prepared them into pre-made sample packs. We noticed that you like to buy a selection of samples so that you can compare the qualities and colours. Now, we will select the most commonly ordered fabrics and group them together, so you no longer have to purchase them individually, saving you time and money!

Here are our first few sample packs:

Ikat Sample Pack One Eco Friendly FabricsIkat Sample Pack One: – £2.50

A selection of our newest ikat fabrics. The same as our Ikat & Tencel pack, but does not include the tencel fabric.

This includes:





Ikat Sample Pack Two Eco Friendly Fabrics
Ikat Sample Pack Two: – £2.50

A different selection of our newest ikat textiles, and the second part to the pack above Ikat Sample Pack One.

This includes:

Add the other selection of ikat swatches for the whole collection.



Ikat & Tencel Sample PacksIkat & Tencel Sample Pack: – £2.99

This pack is exactly the same as the Ikat Sample Pack One, but it has an additional Tencel sample.

Like above, this pack includes:

If you add the ikat & tencel sample pack you have the full selection (including the tencel sample).



Nude Fabric Sample PackNude Fabric Samples Pack: – £19.99

And finally – we have a brand new, nude samples pack! We’ve had a lot of requests for this. It’s ideal if you’re looking to dye and manipulate fabrics. Filled with a broad variety of our most popular eco fabrics, you can now see the variety of different fabrics we have to offer in nude and white colours.


Fairtrade & organic cottons
Denim Twills


2. Our stunning Tree of Life Hand Block Prints are back in!

Extremely popular and notoriously hard for us to get hold of (from being sent the wrong prints -twice!- to floods and power cuts while it was being reprinted – you name it!), we’re so so pleased it’s safely back in stock now and ready for you to get your hands on. Please do get some before it runs out again!

Tree of Life Cambric

Click & Get Your Hands On The Tree of Life Cambric!

Tree of Life Muslin

Grab Your Tree of Life Muslin Too!

If you’re working on a project and you’d like some help choosing your eco fabrics, then please do get in touch: [email protected]

Stay tuned for our next eco fabric update – a list of “last chance” fabrics you need to get your hands on! Be the first to know and sign up for our newsletters.

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