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northmodern Brings Copenhagen Design To The Forefront

northmodern Brings Copenhagen Design To The Forefront

As Copenhagen design is fast becoming the pillar of both sustainability and modernity, a new trade show on the scene, northmodern, is a driving force behind putting Copenhagen on the map.

Copenhagen Design


Last week, northmodern held their third ever show. Designers from the furniture, fashion and lifestyle industries from all over the world attended to find inspiration from a fabulous selection of suppliers – including Offset Warehouse. Northmodern is an International design platform with an ambition to put Copenhagen on the map as the leading exhibition destination for furniture and lifestyle brands. And they are achieving their goal tenfold. Not only did they showcase a beautiful collection of modern design brands, curated to quintessential minimal Scandinavian perfection, but they also embraced and advocated sustainability. Inviting ethical textile brands such as Offset Warehouse, and hosting lectures geared towards the slow movement, hand craft and sustainable energy, ethical production is high on their agenda – and it is beautiful.

You may not be surprised to learn that not all consumers are aware of the fact that interior products, clothing and textiles can be environmentally damaging and harmful to those that produce them. As designers, it’s vital to educate our customers about this fact, but first, the designers must be educated themselves. Northmodern is taking these much needed steps to raise awareness of this necessity and educate designers.


Ultimately, it is the designer’s choice if the textiles they use are sustainable. But, thanks to northmodern, we can help convince designers of the importance of ethical production, and make them aware of the environmental and social impacts of their materials.

Copenhagen Design

If you did not have the opportunity to visit north modern, swatches of our textiles can be found at the Danish Fashion Institute in Frederiksholms Kanal 30.

Danish Fashion Institute
Secretariat of the Nordic Fashion Association
Frederiksholms Kanal 30
DK-1220 Copenhagen K

@: [email protected]
T : +45 53 66 67 66

Copenhagen Design


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