Stunning Recycled Furniture Ideas For Your Business

Stunning Recycled Furniture Ideas For Your Business

Decorating your business with recycled furnishings is a great way to display your sustainable know-how to customers, and to encourage individuals as well as other businesses within your community to practice sustainable methods themselves. With the help of a little imagination and some textural elements, you can create uniquely impressive display pieces to show off at your place of business.

We asked Modernize to help us with picking their favourite, fun recycled furniture ideas:

Turn Old Cabinets into Shelving


Recycled Furniture

When taken down and reconfigured to stack upon one another, old kitchen cabinets make beautiful shelving systems that can be used to store things such as files, office supplies, and manuals. Create shelves that sit on the floor simply by placing a row of cabinets against the wall on the floor and then stacking one or two more layers of old cabinets on top of them. It’s a good idea to anchor the cabinets to the wall using small metal brackets and a few screws. You can create floating shelves by installing old cabinets on the wall at waist-height, and then installing another set on the wall above them.

Before installing your new shelves, take the time to sand each piece down and give it a new coat of paint or stain. Once the shelves are installed, embellish their look by lining each shelf with cotton or silk material (use old t-shirts, sheets, and blankets!) and using old brooches or pins to glue onto plain knobs for instant eclectic charm.

Create Tables out of Old Windows


Old windows can be turned into intriguing tables for your reception area, conference room, and break area. The glass adds a touch of elegance to spaces of all sizes, and the frames of the windows can be transformed to complement any type of décor that is already displayed in your space. All it takes to turn old windows into tables is to give them a good cleaning (ask Toronto cleaning specialists how), refurbish their frames, and then concoct some legs to set the new tabletop upon.

Concrete or wooden blocks, old books, thick pine wood posts, and old table frames are all good choices—just stack your choice of items upon one another to create four table legs of your preferred height. Consider using stencils on the frames to create unique designs along the edges of your tables. Lace and doilies, satin ribbon, velvet rope, leather belts, and tiles can really dress your tables up with added depth and texture.


Transform Old Doors into Cool Seating

Recycled Furniture

With the help of an old door, you can turn two seats into three and save some space in the reception area of your business office. This can easily be done by placing two chairs against the wall about five feet apart from one another and then laying the old door on top of the chairs so the chairs become the legs of the bench and the door becomes the seat. A quick sand and paint job is all that’s needed to make your bench seating look like new, but the doors provide plenty of surface space to have your company logo or slogan painted on it.

Recycled Furniture

You can make the seating a little cozier by placing a couple of throw blankets or small pillows on either end of the bench. An alternative is to use the door as the back for bench. Create your own basic bench using plywood and 2 x 4 lumber, or attach the door to a bench you already have that has no back. Alternatively, you can use an old chest as the seating for your bench.

Optimise the depth and character of your décor by implementing a variety of these options into your overall business design.

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