Ethical Fashion Lecture In Two Weeks – An Introduction To The Industry And Concept

Ethical Fashion Lecture In Two Weeks – An Introduction To The Industry And Concept

Ethical fashion is a minefield. The technical terms within ‘green fashion’ and concepts are truly overwhelming, and once you’ve got the hang of one thing… you’re completely thrown by contradicting news stories and statistics coming from all sorts of sources.

Inspired by this cauldron of information that can be baffling and off-putting if misunderstood, but world-changing when we manage to make sense of it all, I decided I wanted to run a public event on the subject so I set about beginning with an ethical fashion lecture. This Introduction To Ethical Fashion Design discussion is an interactive and captivating debut into sustainability and ethics within the fashion and textiles industry. Hosted by myself, Charlie Ross, Founder and Director of Offset Warehouse (one of the UK’s pioneering eco textiles companies) this is the first in a series of afterwork lectures.

The Details…

Tuesday April 25th

6:00pm – 7:30pm

Tickets cost £20

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The event will be held in West London. The address will be sent to members of our meet-up group. Just click the above links to join up!

ethical fashion lecture

Does ethical fashion boggle you? Demystify the technical terms and concepts during this Introduction to Ethical Fashion Design.


As the first in the series, the discussion will start at the very beginning, introducing the concepts behind ethical fashion: How a design can be considered “sustainable” and how you can begin to embark on a more responsible way of working. 

With the growing demand for environmentally and socially beneficial designs, this unique discussion will offer you the opportunity to explore ethical textiles suitable for fashion and soft furnishings, and also the chance to pick the brains of a Masters consultant in the sustainable textiles field – me!

Topics will include:

• How and why I set up Offset Warehouse, my experience in the fashion and textiles industry and what drove me to want to make a change.

• How do the design decisions you make have an impact?

• How can we make small changes in our design work to bring about positive impact? Is it possible?

• Examples of different fashion brands at the forefront of the movement, and the decisions they’ve made to allow them to be successful and address “ethics”.

Image: Charlie Ross, founder of Offset Warehouse, sources and develops sustainable textiles from around the world.


Ideal for those new to the area or just keen to get inspired, my aim is to demystify the concepts and jargon associated with the ethical fashion and textiles industry, and to offer insight into the ways designers can be ethical through their fabric and creative choices: from reclaimed, to fair trade, to organic. I will focus not only on environmental issues within textiles, but also the social issues, as these can sometimes be overlooked in a world where eco-friendly and organic are becoming favourable trends in lifestyle branding. Of course environmental issues are of equal concern, but I want to introduce ways in which the textiles, fashion, interiors and furnishings industries can reconcile the difficulties faced by both planet and people.

I have scoured the planet far and wide to find the most gorgeous ethical and sustainable textiles, so i've got some pretty great insight which I love to share to anyone who is interested!

I have scoured the planet far and wide to find the most gorgeous ethical and sustainable textiles, so i’ve got some pretty great insight which I love to share to anyone who is interested!


Set in an intimate discussion format, you will leave empowered and inspired with a more informed sense of how design can avoid damaging the environment and harming the people involved in the manufacturing process. Please note, there are a limited number of tickets available.

So far this year we have organised a collection of networking, shopping and learning evening events, as well as a sewing party as part of this Green is The New Black: Eco Sewing & Fashion sustainable design community group. I’m really thrilled to add this lecture series into the mix!

Any thoughts or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: [email protected]

 >>> Book your ticket here <<<

>>or via Eventbrite here<<

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  • Hello,
    Would your ever consider posting it online like a webinar so that those who are not able to attend physically can still have access?
    Thank you for all of your work and dedication.

    • Hi Jakia, Thanks so much for your question. Yes definitely! I’ve been asked to record this lecture by quite a few people, so I’d love to do so. I’ve not streamed anything before, but I will definitely research into how best to do it and let you know. Best wishes, Charlie

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