Workshop In Sustainable Fashion Principles: Zero Waste

Workshop In Sustainable Fashion Principles: Zero Waste

So far this year we’ve organised a collection of networking, shopping and learning evening events, as well as a sewing party as part of our Green is The New Black: Eco Sewing & Fashion sustainable design community group. Now it’s time for a full day workshop! In collaboration with creative work space Building Bloqs, I’m delighted to announce the next event in our series. Let us introduce you conceptually and practically to one of the most exciting yet common sensical movements in sustainable fashion…

Zero Waste Workshop

with Franki Campbell, Eve Tokens & Josie Warden

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Do you want to take steps towards transformative change in the fashion industry? Spend the day with three incredible zero waste experts, Franki Campbell, Eve Tokens and Josie Warden, who will guide you through the concept of zero-waste design, getting hands on with different examples of sustainably made garments and textiles. You’ll learn easy-to-master techniques to help develop your own cutting edge fashion designs with sustainability and mindfulness at its core. Then sew your very own zero-waste garment, currently featured in People Tree founder, Safia Minney‘s newest book, “Slave to Fashion“, and designed by none other than yours truly! (Yes I am very excited about this wonderful opportunity to contribute to Safia’s latest book!)

So, the details…

Full Day Event on Saturday May 6th

Sew A Zero Waste Dress + Zero Waste Lecture & Networking

Includes lunch by Building BloQs’ in-house chef, Offset Warehouse fabrics & access to sewing machines.

Proficient sewing level required

9.30am – 5.30pm

£50 for the full day

Max 12 participants

Our practical workshop involves completing a fully finished, high-quality, zero-waste dress. With full access to Building Bloq’s new and impressive Textile Studio, your pick of beautiful Offset Warehouse fabrics and our two zero-waste sewing experts to guide you, you’ll be fully immersed in sustainable design and leave feeling totally inspired. Delicious lunch also provided, and a brilliant opportunity to network with our knowledgable speakers and the other attendees.

sustainable fashion

An example of the zero waste dress you’ll leave with on the day. Eve and Franki will help you create and amend the pattern to create a unique design that you love!

Just after our freshly cooked lunch, we’ll take a short break from sewing to have inspiring, interactive lectures from our three incredible sustainable fashion and zero waste experts, Franki Campbell, Eve Tokens and Josie Warden who will talk you through the concept and principles of zero waste design, with examples to hand. You’ll also learn key skills to help you develop sustainable practices within your own work.

sustianable fashion

Pattern design and cutting is one of the key focuses of zero waste sewing.

Zero Waste Lecture & Networking

Or, if the practical aspect isn’t for you, why not just attend the inspiring zero waste lectures and networking with Franki Campbell, Eve Tokens and Josie Warden. Please note, this option does not include lunch or making a zero waste dress.

1.00pm – 2.30pm


sustainable fashion


About Our Zero Waste Experts:

Franki Campbell

Franki is a pattern cutting queen, I meant it! She is a freelance Creative Pattern Cutter, providing pattern designs for many and varying fashion lines. Her initial interest in sewing and garment construction began young, and took her to undertake courses in corsetry, costume and bespoke pattern. She then undertook the PGC in Innovative Pattern Cutting at Central St Martins. After graduating her interest in sustainable fashion took her to intern at Safia Minney’s label People Tree. Her curiosity and knowledge of the intricacies of pattern cutting is impressive. She also has backgrounds in Fine Art and also in Art Therapy, another wonderful exploration of the benefits of creativity which I know i’d love to hear more about from her!

Eve Tokens

Eve is a professionally trained fashion designer with seriously meticulous sewing skills and an inspiring commitment to sustainability. You may have read my blog post back in January in which Eve describes her experience of showing her collection at one the world’s only sustainable fashion weeks. She has since set up her own sustainable education business The Creative Curator and let me assure you, a lesson with this lady is going to be really worth it. She knows her stuff, and her passion for eco-friendly design principles is unrelenting.

Josie Warden

Originally trained as a textile designer Josie is now a Researcher in the Economy, Enterprise and Manufacturing team at the RSA. She was part of the RSA Great Recovery project, which investigated the role of design in a circular economy. Her work currently includes research into the future of manufacturing in London. Over four years the RSA Great Recovery pulled together a network including designers, manufacturers, waste managers and materials experts to look at the opportunities a more circular economy offers for changing the way we design and use the things around us. From visiting recycling centres to pulling apart sofas, the project took a hands on approach to understanding the challenges of waste, because often the best place to have these conversations about the role of good design is at the bottom of a pile of rubbish. Josie will give an insight into the findings from the project, and explore the role of design in shifting to an economy which values materials and the environment.

Building Bloqs

Any designer excited by the idea of working within a thriving creative community with an aray of impressive equipment to hand ought to know about Building BloQs! Established in 2012, Building BloQs are a not-for-profit open workshop space created to provide London’s freelance makers, SME’s, start-ups and designers with the tools they need to establish and grow.

Their 11,000 sqft open workshop offers space and equipment to work in wood, metal, textiles, CNC and paint. From traditional analogue to cutting-edge digital, their machines and equipment are industry standard supporting the needs of the professional and giving access to quality resources otherwise out of reach.

Pay-as-you-go access means members can scale-up and scale-down the use of equipment and space depending on their current workload and only pay for resources as and when they need them.

In a community of like-minded individuals, members have the opportunity to collaborate, exchange knowledge and skills, learn, innovate, invent and showcase.

Building Bloqs have six bays (one shared between two participants), each of these has a straight stitch, a size 8 mannequin and a work table. During the workshop you will have access to the following machines in the Textile Studio. Our experts are on hand to show you how to use these machines:

  • Straight Stitch x 6
  • Rolled Hem x1
  • Blind Hem x 1
  • Steam Irons x 2
  • Four Thread Overlocker x 2
  • Coverstitch x 1
  • Walking Foot x1
  • Shank Button Hole x 1
  • Keyhole Button Hole x 1
  • Pattern Cutting Table x 1


sustainable fashion

The sewing bays in the Building BloQs textile studio which we will be using.

Format of the Day

9.00am: Welcome & Choosing Fabric

9.30am – 12.30pm: Cut Out Fabrics Following Layout Plans

12.30pm – 1pm: Light Lunch with Guest Speakers & Networking

1pm – 2.30pm: Inspiring Zero Waste Lecture & Networking

2.30pm – 5.30: Finish Sewing Time (speedy sewers may complete the garment before 5.30pm)

Who Should Attend?

The practical part of this workshop is suitable for designers, those who aspire to make clothes to professional standards and enthusiastic sewers with proficient sewing skills. This is an ideal opportunity for domestic sewing machine users to be introduced to industrial machines, under the supervision of experts.

The Zero Waste Lecture & Networking, is suitable for attendees from all backgrounds, with an interest in sustainability in design, particularly within the fashion and textiles industry. This is a great opportunity to network with like-minded people, share your views and learn something new. I’ll also bring many of my Offset Warehouse fabrics along, for you to have a good rummage through. If you want to learn more about sewing, the design industry or how to make a positive change in the lives of those who create your beautiful fabric and clothing… we can’t wait to meet you.

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sustainable fashion

Zero waste design and pattern cutting go hand in hand. Image courtesy of Brigitte Lacombe


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