EVENT: How To Sell Your Fashion Designs To Shops – Advice from Fashion Buyers

EVENT: How To Sell Your Fashion Designs To Shops – Advice from Fashion Buyers

So you’re a designer, or a brand owner; you’ve made the commitment to sustainable and ethical products, and goodness knows that takes a whole other level of research, testing and planning. But now you need to get your designs into stores; you need as many eyes on your beautiful pieces as possible, not only to make the essential profit, but to achieve that level of advocacy for people and planet that your brand holds at its core. You will be full of questions I’m sure – Do you sell individual items? Do you sell wholesale? Who do you seek to sell to? What sells!? What you need is the first-hand advice of a fashion buyer. Well, we have an event coming up handcrafted especially for you… an evening filled with fashion buying advice with the founders of three eco-fashion boutiques!

fashion buyer

How do you get your designs on the racks and shelves of boutiques?! Find out with us….

Targeted at fashion designers who need to know how to approach fashion buyers, our panel event is for you! An evening filled with in-depth advice from the people you really want to buy your designs. How often do you get to spend an evening with three fashion buyers who have the say about which brands are stocked in their boutiques, when you’re a brand that needs a boutique to stock it!?

It will be valuable to hear the differences between online e-commerce retail platforms, and the traditional physical boutique. Different clothing styles, for different target audiences may well benefit in differing ways from these two types of sales platform. We will find out on the night!


fashion buyer

‘How To Sell Your Fashion Designs To Shops’

Tuesday 23rd May, 6pm – 7:30pm



Meeting Room at The Workary, Brompton Library

210 Old Brompton Road, London, SW5 0BP

A Panel Discussion

With the founders of three major eco-fashion boutiques; Sheer Apparel, Gather & See, and The Keep.

Chaired by Offset Warehouse Founder Charlie Ross, with audience questions.

Nearest tubes: West Brompton and Earl’s Court.

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Paula Haunit, Founder of Sheer Apparel

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Sheer Apparel is an online sustainable and ethical womenswear boutique founded by the wonderful Paula Haunit; she knows the customer and she knows the modern lifestyle too – people don’t often have the time to shop around and research, so she compiles the best eco-fashion brands into a stunning online boutique that makes sustainable style easy. Paula also writes for the Huffington Post alongside her Sheer Apparel work, so she knows what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and to work for yourself whilst juggling multiple commitments, so she is well armed to respond to your concerns and needs whilst also providing well for her customers. She will be a really wonderful sounding board for your questions, queries and ideas.

Sheer Apparel’s aim is to “prove to you that beautiful, high-quality, conscious style is available at comparable prices to equivalent brands you’ve loved for years.” Well I salute that! And some of those brands include Armed Angels and Maska.


Alicia Taylor, Co-founder of Gather & See

fashion buyer

Here Alicia is with her business partner Stephanie, Co-founder of Gather & See. (Alicia is the one on the right!)


As the co-founder of ethical retail platform Gather & See, and with experience across the fashion retail industry, Alicia is very well equipped to understand the fashion market, consumer habits and the way that designers and labels work. She worked in PR, then at LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, and then moved on to Value Retail (who create and operate outlet boutique shopping villages across the world) where she stayed for 5 years.

It was in 2014 that Gather & See first started to sell products in their online boutique, which is made up of a selection of like-minded, forward thinking designers all of which fit into at least three of Gather&See’s five founding philosophies: Fair Trade, Organic, Eco-Friendly, Small Scale Production and Heritage. Just a couple of the brands they stock include Conditions Apply and Kowtow.

fashion buyer

Could this be your shop front? Gather & See might just take a liking to you



Kate Richards, Founder of The Keep Boutique, Brixton

fashion buyer


Some of you will have met Kate at one of our recent events which was hosted by the lady herself, in her South London boutique.

An avid researcher of the most sumptuous and delicious of ethical brands, Kate curates a shop that almost resembles a gallery with all of its fantastically crafted eco-luxe items. The task of filling a physical shop space allows Kate to really showcase the textural, sensual qualities of the brands she represents. She stocks brands such as Desmond & Dempsey and Thought (formerly known as Braintree Clothing).

Kate can offer the unique perspective of how consumers behave and respond to pieces in a physical setting; these are the moments when a passer-by can be distracted by the sheer beauty of a garment in a shop window, and a lifelong appreciation for that brand can blossom. But how does Kate know which brands will work? And how do you become one of those brands in the window?


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I am so excited to bring these three wonderful industry experts to all you emerging designers and design students out there. These fashion buyers are the people who will make your brand go live, and their opinions, experiences and advice are extremely important to the success of your business. I would strongly advise you not to miss out on this one!

For more preparatory information, do read our previous blog post about what a fashion buyer does.

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