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We’re Hiring!

We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for a part-time Customer Support & Social Marketing Manager to join our growing team.

Offset Warehouse is an online ethical textile company. We search the globe for unusual, environmentally and socially beneficial textiles that you won’t find on the high street. We are looking for an enthusiastic Customer Support & Social Marketing Manager who is passionate about sustainable design and textiles to join our team and help support our customers find the perfect fabrics. The vacancy is a flexible, part-time role, ideal for someone looking to become a key decision maker in a vibrant company.

To begin, the role will be 6 hours per week minimum, with a view to increasing these hours as you become more comfortable in the position. Payment is based on time spent on the activities each week.

  • Salary
    £10 per hour 
  • Location
    Twickenham; some days may only require two hours (minimum) in the office, so please ensure the distance is convenient.
  • Hours
    6+ hours per week
  • Position type
    Part Time
  • To apply 
    Please attach your CV and examples of design/social media work to a short email explaining why you think you’re perfect for the role.Send to:  charlie [at] offsetwarehouse.com

Work activities include:

– Quickly responding to customer enquiries using our online easy-to-use helpdesk.
– Managing orders with customers via email and telephone communication.
– Liaising with the warehouse team about stock and managing deliveries via email.
– Keeping customers informed on the latest arrivals, events, news etc. via newsletters (using MailChimp) and social media updates.

At Offset Warehouse, we pride ourselves on fantastic customer experience and service. To provide this, you need to know what you’re selling, inside and out and what services we offer.

Skills & Experience

The right person will:

– Have an in-depth knowledge of textiles, particularly ethical production.
– Sewing experience. You will be required to recommend fabrics for designers and home sewers, so being a sewer yourself is vital.
– Be respectful, a good listener and responsive.
– Think independently. Sometimes helping a customer may require some “out of the box” thinking, to go the extra mile.
– Be professional and work efficiently. We work ‘smart’ and to tight deadlines.
– Be self-motivated, confident and capable of working independently. As a small company, the work will be varied, so the role is ideal for someone who thrives on a variety of job roles. Being able to multi-task and prioritise jobs is a must.
– Have excellent verbal and written English skills.
– Be continually looking out for ways we can improve, and have the confidence to suggest these ideas to the team.
– Have an artistic flare.


– You must be able to put together beautiful, informative newsletters and social media updates.
– We will provide training for our in-house software and systems, but knowledge of Mailchimp is useful.
– Good to expert computer literacy is required.
– Excellent written English is required.


Daily, with flexible start time: Early morning (around 9 am) or late afternoon (around 4 pm)
For our packages to be dispatched on time, orders must be electronically sent to our warehouse by 10 am daily. This can be done the evening before.
Please note, you may only be required in the office for two hours (minimum), so please ensure you are not overcommitting to a journey that is too far.


Our small team is fun, proactive, energetic, passionate, dedicated and we all work extremely hard. We are all experts in our area and strive to know the latest developments and keep abreast of trends. We streamline our operations, working efficiently and communicating effectively. We all thrive in the challenging, fast-paced and target driven environment. We are individually responsible for monitoring the impact of our work – so being able to analyse your effectiveness is crucial.

We don’t like to sit still, which is why we always treat every day like the first day. A day to make more good things happen for our customers. It’s that kind of spirit that drives our success.

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