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Types Of Eco Fabric August 4, 2014 posted by

What Is A Micron?

A micron (µm) is a thread’s diameter.  It is directly related to the quality of a fabric.  How wide an individual thread is in a shirt or suit for example will define the drape, softness and strength…

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What Is A Micron?
Sewing Tips October 15, 2013 posted by

How to sew Chiffon

Chiffon (which means raspberries in arabic!) looks and feels beautiful when worn, but even the most experienced sewers know that sometimes it can be tricky to work with. That’s why…

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How to sew Chiffon

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  • Just one reason why The Members Club is worthwhile
  • Anya Hindmarchs Weave Project is an immersive art installation as
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